Chargehand Training Programme

The ECITB Chargehand Development Course is for new and experienced chargehands with little or no previous training. This is a highly interactive 2 day course which covers the basic requirements of ‘Taking CHARGE’. As well as an awareness of basic knowledge and skills the course is designed to help individuals understand the changed relationship with their team and become more confident in their approach.

The aim of the ECITB Chargehand Development Courses is to enable an individual to understand the main differences between being a team member and a team leader. It asks two questions: ‘What do I have to DO?’ And ‘What do I need to BE?’ in the new role.

Supervisory Training Programme

The ECITB Supervisory training programme supports the professional development of supervisors, managers and engineers. It develops their skills and abilities in ways that will bring immediate benefit to an engineering construction business leading to effective team management.

In today’s environment, supervision and management is a career in its own right, with opportunities for individuals to progress to higher levels of supervision and management within areas of their expertise.

To support the development of supervisors the ECITB have a full range of supervisory training modules developed in response to specifications created by employers in industry. The modules are based upon the Supervisor Competence Framework for the Engineering Construction Industry and can be used to train supervisors/ managers in specific individual modules or can be delivered a full modular based supervisory training programme.

Supervisor/ manager training programme consists of a series of 1, 2 & 3 day modules.

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Working with almost 200 licensed training providers worldwide, the ECITB delivers internationally recognised training and qualifications in key engineering construction industry skills and health and safety programmes. Currently we link our global qualifications with locally recognised training programmes and qualifications in more than 30 countries to ensure that successful learners graduate from one common training programme and assessment process with qualifications that are valid across international markets.

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