What is ECITB Global?

ECITB Global is the international division of the ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board), a UK-based leading skills organisation sponsored by the UK Government’s Department for Education. The ECITB supports high-quality training and development across the UK workforce and licenses its training products to a network of accredited training providers around the world.

Engineering construction industry training and testing in the UK is of the highest standard and meets the wider needs of the major projects in each of the sectors it operates, including oil and gas, power, renewable energy, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, shipbuilding and all other construction projects including new build and transportation networks. Over a decade ago the ECITB began operating internationally in recognition of similar demand elsewhere.

Working with almost 200 licensed training providers worldwide, the ECITB delivers internationally recognised training and qualifications in key engineering construction industry skills and health and safety programmes. Currently we link our global qualifications with locally recognised training programmes and qualifications in more than 30 countries to ensure that successful learners graduate from one common training programme and assessment process with qualifications that are valid across international markets.

We work with regional government authorities, engineering construction businesses and many other key stakeholders associated with the industry. Quality assurance and regular audits by the ECITB ensure the highest standards of delivery are established and maintained.

About the Engineering Construction Industry

Engineering construction refers to the design, planning, construction, maintenance and decommissioning of energy and process plant infrastructure with the workforce comprising mechanical and electrical workers, technicians, engineers and many more. The following sectors are all part of the wider engineering construction industry.

About ECITB Skills Training

The ECITB has worked with employers and training providers for many years developing and delivering wide range of engineering construction training.  Our technical and craft training courses cover many key skills that can help employees find work and enhance existing employees’ career development, whilst simultaneously benefitting the wider industry by increasing the pool of skills available to it both within and outside the sector.

Approved training courses will usually cover either technical or occupational competences.  They take between one day and eight weeks to complete and are completed in four stages:

Stage 1 – Initial off-the-job training at an ECITB Licensed Training Centre.

Stage 2 – Guided work-based task assignment.

Stage 3 – Assessment via an ECITB Technical Test (to validate competence).

Stage 4 – Reassessment every 3 years to check performance.

By using an ECITB-licensed provider, employers ensure their workers receive high-quality skills training. At the end of courses, employees receive an ECITB certificate of training to prove they have job-specific skills and understand safe working practices. As the training and qualifications are transferable with the individual it is also serves as assurance for employers when recruiting new workers.

Our Vision

ECITB Global is the industry authority on engineering construction skills, working in partnership with employers, training providers and governments around the world to help build a highly skilled workforce and deliver safer and more productive workplaces. Our core values are:

Knowledge – Having a depth of understanding that continues to make us authoritative

Collaboration – To work as a team, listening to all stakeholders and work with them to achieve the best effect.

Responsiveness –  To seek out opportunities to address our customers’ needs and respond positively and swiftly to stakeholder enquiries.

Solid Rock Life and Business is one of the leading training providers in Uganda running programs in Leadership, business, non technical and engineering. We operate two large, modern and fully equipped facilities in Kampala harbouring the only advance welding simulation centre in the country. With close to two thousands trained to date in leadership, life skills, international health & safety and engineering construction trades, SRLB Uganda fully participate and supports the country’s  National Development Plan II and Vision 2040 promoting a skilled workforce in Uganda. We are very proud of our association with ECITB and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship as we work towards skilling and employment promotion in the East African region.

Franklin Bouguep, Solid Rock Group

ECITB as the World leading accreditation body for competence in Engineering and Construction, has been a big part in PETROTEKNO’s cause to improve competence of Indonesian Workforce.  It has been 3 years, since we first were in contact and since then, we have received never ending support from the team.  Professionalism and Commitment for Competence are some words that describe ECITB Team’s work ethics.  The certificates that our delegates received as a proof of their competence have given them a major boost on their professional work competition in the industry. We thank you ECITB.

Hendra Pribadi, Petrotekno Indonesia