Designed specifically for engineering construction industry, Technical Tests examine economically and efficiently the ability of individuals, employees or prospective recruits to perform specific skill-based tasks commonly tackled in an engineering construction workplace.

Each Technical Test examines a very specific aspect of a discipline. There are over 200 skill-based individual tests covering all ECI disciplines, Technical Tests are fully aligned with National Occupational Standards combining the rigid testing of critical skills and knowledge, with a major emphasis on health and safety.

For companies and contractors looking for a quick, easy and reliable way to analyse and/or prove the capabilities of their workforce or prospective recruits, ECITB Technical Tests are the answer.

Technical tests can be used as individual tests to demonstrate skill, ability and job knowledge in a specific area of a discipline or used for individuals to successfully complete the required number of technical tests within a discipline to qualify and meet the requirements of the ECITB ICE competency scheme.

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Working with almost 200 licensed training providers worldwide, the ECITB delivers internationally recognised training and qualifications in key engineering construction industry skills and health and safety programmes. Currently we link our global qualifications with locally recognised training programmes and qualifications in more than 30 countries to ensure that successful learners graduate from one common training programme and assessment process with qualifications that are valid across international markets.

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