The ECITB’s ICE scheme is a global engineering construction industry card that ensures the competence of workers. The ICE Card allows employers to check and validate the skills and job knowledge of their workforce. Holding an ICE Card helps employees demonstrate their ability to carry out their work to the required level of competence. An ICE Card is issued after an individual demonstrates they have the knowledge, skills and proficiency to perform their role through a quality assured assessment process. The ICE scheme can be used as a ‘’training and assessment’’ or ‘’assessment’’ only route to demonstrate competency.

To be eligible, individuals must hold a valid International Health and Safety Passport.

ICE Vocational Programmes & Qualifications

ICE vocational programmes and qualifications are a good way to acquire the vocational skills and knowledge required for careers in the engineering construction industry.

They offer practical learning programmes in vocational subjects developed with employers to international industry standards. Importantly, they are internationally recognised and accredited by the ECITB’s Awards and Qualifications committee. Candidates prove their competence by demonstrating the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a particular role.

ICE vocational programmes and qualifications enable learners to acquire the specific vocational skills, knowledge and behaviours to perform a particular role as set out by the national occupational standards (NOS). By working with industry, ECITB ICE vocational qualifications are valued by multinational employers because they offer development opportunities to staff across a wide range of engineering construction roles. In addition, because ICE VQs allow for a variety of assessment methods they offer candidates flexibility in how they achieve their qualification. ECITB ICE VQ Approved Centres are quality assured in their delivery to ensure quality and standards are maintained.

Two Types of ECITB International ICE Vocational Programmes:

  • International ICE level 2 – 6-12 months delivered in a training centre
  • International ICE level 3 – 2-3 years, first year delivered in a training centre, years two/ three delivered in the workplace
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Working with almost 200 licensed training providers worldwide, the ECITB delivers internationally recognised training and qualifications in key engineering construction industry skills and health and safety programmes. Currently we link our global qualifications with locally recognised training programmes and qualifications in more than 30 countries to ensure that successful learners graduate from one common training programme and assessment process with qualifications that are valid across international markets.

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