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The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) has launched the online version of the world-leading International Health and Safety Passport in Thai.

The e-IHSP was initially only available in English, but in response to customer demand, the ECITB has translated the course into other languages, including Mandarin and for learners in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The latest learners to benefit from the translations are engineering construction workers in Thailand after ECITB Global created course materials in Thai.

Head of ECITB Global Tristan Kemp said: “We think the e-IHSP is a convenient and highly cost-effective way for our customers to access health and safety training.

“The e-IHSP is aimed at all site staff and now that it’s available in other languages, we can reach more people than ever before. On top of that, it means that learners can really focus on the training content as it’s being delivered in their native tongue.”

e-IHSP course now available on any device

Examples Of E IHSP Course Slides That Have Been Translated Into Thai By The ECITB Aspect Ratio 740 740

e-IHSP course now available on any device

In February 2022, the ECITB launched a fully online version of the Foundation International Health and Safety Passport to give customers greater choice and flexibility on how and when they access health and safety training.

The e-IHSP course content is the same as the face-to-face version of the course and includes a fully proctored end-of-course assessment. It mirrors the CCNSG Safety Passport Course that has underpinned site safety across the UK industry for many years, and which is issued to tens of thousands of learners every year.

Once successfully through the assessment, candidates receive a photographic passport card and certificate to show they can work safely on sites across a multitude of industry sectors, assuring their competence to supervisors and managers.

Up until the end of 2023, the e-IHSP was only available on laptops and desktops, but now anyone with access to the internet can sit the course via any smart device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Access to the course is through training providers licensed by ECITB Global. It typically takes 6-8 hours to complete and can be done in one go or over multiple sessions spread out over a month.

The course covers a multitude of topics, including: safe behaviours at work; risk assessments; hierarchy of control; manual handling; use of work equipment regulations; hand arm vibration; working at height; confined spaces; lifting operations; site transport; signage; excavations; electric isolation; environmental concerns; and reporting of injuries and dangerous occurrences.

Pictured: Examples of e-IHSP course slides that have been translated into Thai

Find out more about the IHSP course

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